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Special Agent Secure Services Pvt Ltd

ISO 9001:2015 (OMS/DAS17/A0064)

Special Agency is India’s leading security company expert in delivery of security and related services across India since 2013.

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Why Be Provide Best Business Services

Security is our passion & soul.

Company with ISO 9001-2008 Certification.

Handling Security of prestigious organizations and VIP’s.

Providing dedicated service since 2013.

Leading Security Organization in Northern Well Experienced Management.

Equipped with latest communication Systems.

Round the Clock Control Room.

Quick Reaction Teams (QRT) on round the clock vigil with a fleet of transport stationed zone-wise.

Round-the-clock supervision with no compromise or let-up.

Mobile Supervision Services based on surprise spot.

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A Safety Officer From A Special Agent Is A Resource. They Know How To Deal With Such Dangerous Circumstances And Are Thoroughly Prepared In It. As One Of The Principle Obligations Of Safety Officers Is To Recognize And Forestall Undesirable Circumstances. They Are Consistently On A Post For Such Risk Counteraction. Safety Officers Assume A Significant Part In The Anticipation And Discovery Of Such Circumstances.

Hotel Security Services

In the last few decades, the security requirement of a luxury hotel or a big restaurant chain has transformed immensely. The hotels all over the globe have understood the importance of investing greatly into security as the customers have started asking for a safe and secure atmosphere.

Industrial Security Services

At Special Agent, there is an unparallel experience of protecting crucial supply chains and assets for industries that include oil, gas, electric power, water, nuclear power, renewable energy, chemical supplies, and telecommunications. Special Agent’s energy and utility clients trust Special Agent to provide tangible outcome and complete value for money.

Corporate Security Services

Making sure your business has Corporate Security in place is necessary for the success of your company. Protecting customer data and your business premises should be a priority for Special Agent. Everyone feels safe when they know that there are systems in place to ensure no harm comes to them. Employees and clients will feel safe with the knowledge that there are surveillance cameras around that will prevent robberies and alert the proper authorities.

Personal Security Services

an individual’s security and well-being. The Bodyguard in positioned near the protected individual at virtually all time to make sure their safety. When it has to do with celebrity bodyguards, you should have bodyguard personnel that are trustworthy and are able to handle the situation and know how to manage and safely escort you off from the location if situation arises.

Dog Squad Services

Dog squads are handled by experienced dog trainers. These are serving the requirements of various industrial sectors including perimeter and facility patrol, area search operations and Intruder detection. Our healthy Dogs have the ability to detect explosive and narcotics.

Lady Security Services

Comprehending the important tasks of safety and security, especially while dealing with women clientele, we provide trained and devoted lady security officer. Committed to provide the best and safest possible environment for our women clientele, we have reliable women force.

Fire Sqad Services

Comprehending the important tasks of safety and security, especially while dealing with women clientele, we provide trained and devoted lady security officer. Committed to provide the best and safest possible environment for our women clientele, we have reliable women force.

Why Choose Us

What Sets Us Apart

Own Training Centre

Special Agent Security centre equipped with state of the art indoor and outdoor tranning facilities to impart realistic and effective tranning to security guards/pro- fessionals

Skill Development & Training

It is mandatory for all security guards to undergo training as per Special Agent Security Training curriculum and acquire necessary skills before being deployed with our clients.In addition to basic guard skills,they are also taught basic of firefighting,first aid and verbal communication techniques.In contribution of basic training the guard are imported on job tranning to hone their skills peculiar to each client's job requirement.


Special Agent Security has well worked out supervision process to ensure that our quality standards are being met and delivered through our services. Continuous supervision through patrolling staff Surprise night checks by middle and senior man- agement.

Quality Policy

We stand committed to provide customized safety and security solutions/services to all our customers and work endlessly to become efficient at all process.It is our constant endeav- our to provide the customer error free products and services with highest standards.

Advance Technology

Our Officers are equipped with latest gazettes and technology to meet the today's security needs.

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